The Lucozade brands are collectively the second largest in the UK behind Coca-Cola, but experience stiff competition from the likes of Powerade Energy and Monster drinks.



Lucozade presented us with a challenge to create social campaigns that will enhance and differenatiate their 3 brands which are Energy, Sport and Revive. To achieve that, we internally conducted a mix of ethnography and commissioned a third party research firm to run a series of social listening sessions over eight months and conduct daily studies on their target customers so we could create experience maps that will help us pinpoint opportunities in order to create tools that will be useful to customers on an intrinsic level. 


My ROle

As the User Experience Designer on the project, I analysed raw data gathered through ethnography, social listening and diary studies in order to illustrate key insights via a set of experience maps. These were designed as a tool to brainstorm opportunities, which aided the creation and prioritisation of a concept backlog. The backlog was instrumental in driving delivery of the Lucozade Yes! campaign from 2011 - 2014 through concepts and ideas.


Lucozade Energy


We analysed data conducted via a social listening piece around V Fest to examine how customer act before, during and after a major music festival. We analysed data collected using social listening tool “Sysomos” with a focus on mentions categorised in to topic and date.


"V festival" OR "vfestival" OR "#vfestival" OR "@vfestival” OR “Vfest” OR “V fest”

Where fans are talking:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Forums

Target Audience:

  • Social Active Life Lovers – aged 16-24 with a slight male skew

  • Optimistic, self-confident people who are determined to get the most out of life

  • Mainstream taste – visit music festivals and love the whole experience of it, rather than being massively into the bands that they might be seeing

Killer insight:

This audience are all about the next great story they can tell their mates and the great profile pic they can share socially. 

Opportunities that support their love of great energetic and social experiences (and then associate this with Lucozade Energy) would be a great step forward for the brand.

This audience group loves enjoying and sharing their experiences through the digital world thereafter.

Experience Map Energy onepage.jpg


Analysed film created around a day in a life of a grassroot football team in order to understand how they prepare and get organised before and during a football match. 

Target Audience:

  • Competitive sport lovers – aged 16-34 with a heavy male skew

  • Sports mainly focused on football and rugby

Killer insight:

They drink whenever they take part in sport but often it is water or squash – the challenge is that they don’t currently see the benefit of the sports drink for them

Team culture, Routine, Camaraderie and Mutual Respect - Opportunities that support this should be the primary driver

Sport and competition are key passions in their lives – it is both great fun and competitive – they get satisfaction from winning and from putting in a great personal experience

Players en route to the pitch, often stop by impulse locations to get some last minute pick me ups

Experience Map Sport.jpg

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